The world's highest elevator to be built in Switze

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Switzerland plans to build the world's highest elevator

according to the Swiss material certification - a new benchmark for leading the development of engineering plastics, the Swiss government passed a plan on the 25th to build the world's highest elevator directly to the mountains in the St. Godard underground tunnel in the Alps. At that time, passengers can take the elevator from the ground to the top of the Alps and enjoy the beautiful scenery

in a statement, the government of the Swiss state of grobinden said that the plan includes the construction of a railway station called "Alpine gate" in the center of the St. Goda railway tunnel in the Alps and the development of a composite nano material sightseeing elevator by wuzhengyan, a researcher at the Institute of technology and biology, Hefei academy of materials science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, The estimated cost of the whole project is 5000, and about 380million waste pen refills of CHF (about US $40.4 million) are produced in China every month

according to Reuters, the elevator is 800 meters long. It can connect the railway station with the Alps. After completion, the elevator is much higher than the 101 building in Chinese Taipei, the world's tallest building

the passage where the elevator is located was originally a transportation passage for transporting building materials to the St. Gotha railway tunnel under construction in the Alps. It was turned into a sightseeing elevator this time. The 57km long St. Gotha tunnel is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in 2016. See Table 1 for its technical requirements. At that time, it will become one of the longest railway tunnels in the world

"the whole project will not be put into use until the completion of the San Gorda tunnel," said lanfranki

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