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Nearly 100 small paper-making enterprises in Ningxia withdraw from the production field a few days ago, it was learned from the environmental protection department of the autonomous region that the adjustment of Ningxia's paper-making industry has been completed. Nearly 100 small paper-making enterprises withdraw from the industry competition because they are hopeless or unable to invest in pollution control. The completion of this adjustment will play an important role in the pollution reduction of the whole region

it is reported that the paper industry used to be an important production field in Ningxia. During the period of Wansheng, attention should also be paid to some problems. There were more than 160 large and small paper-making enterprises in Ningxia Autonomous Region, but only 7 enterprises reached the national scale limit. Although these small paper-making enterprises contribute more than 200million yuan to the economy of the autonomous region every year, the discharge of paper-making industrial wastewater is as much as 70million tons because the enterprises do not meet the pollution control standards, which has become a huge obstacle to the environmental protection of the whole region. With the strengthening of the national industrial policy and the improvement of the demand for environmental protection, since 2005, the district has adopted the industrial adjustment strategy of cutting ma Su with tears, and gradually eliminated the small paper-making enterprises with an annual output of less than 50000 tons. Last year, the district shut down 29 small paper-making enterprises, and implemented the industrial exit policy for these shut down enterprises. Some enterprises switched to facility agriculture, and some enterprises withdrew from the industrial production field. This year, on this basis, the autonomous region implemented the industrial withdrawal system for 47 paper-making enterprises that failed to reach the production scale or pollution control standards, and another 11 enterprises automatically transformed, completely fulfilling the solemn commitment to complete the paper-making industry adjustment and illegal pollution control objectives in the region in three and a half years. Although these paper-making enterprises forced to shut down or withdraw have a certain impact on the local economic aggregate, in the long run, they can reduce COD by tens of thousands of tons and reduce industrial water by more than 100 million tons. At the same time, the market after withdrawal is quickly occupied by large paper-making enterprises in the region. This year, the output and sales of the six paper-making enterprises in the region have increased, It has completed the industrial adjustment of the pattern of coal heating and natural gas gas heating plastic granulator in the area and the complete handover of the product market. It is futile that the later service can not keep up.

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