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Oilfield natural gas monitoring and management system (Part 2)

system security

the system is a huge production and operation management system. While ensuring its powerful functions, we also consider the security of the system

. The security protection design of the system is as follows:

(1) system anti-virus capability design

the network version anti-virus software is used to protect the safe operation of the network operating system, The establishment of strict network security mechanisms (including firewall technology and virtual network technology) can inhibit the spread of system viruses

(2) system network security design

to maintain network system security, vacn (virtual network) and firewall technology are adopted

on the desk 13. Working environment: room temperature ~ 45 ℃ surface level, vacn technology and virtual are used to divide the upper users into multiple sub users, and each user can only access within the allowable range

at the server level, different permissions and passwords are set and assigned to different users. Users at different levels can only access network resources and data corresponding to their level

when users access the Internet or external users access the system through the Internet, firewall software is used to effectively prevent "hackers" from accessing and prevent information loss and damage to the entire information system. In addition, proxy server also provides expandable firewall security features, so that when the network system is invaded by others, it can take measures in time, and track the attempts of others to invade from the outside

3 introduction to key technologies

according to the actual situation, the specific software development work to be completed includes:

special data acquisition and data exchange interface software

according to the actual situation of the original control system, the following special data acquisition and data exchange interface software is used:

* paragon-tnt special interface software

* paragon-500 special interface software

* DM2000 special interface software

* fix 32 special interface software

* Foxboro ia special communication program

* others

client network service software

client network service software will run in each upper computer workstation. While acquiring real-time data and historical data from the special data acquisition, data exchange interface software or real-time database, it is also responsible for completing the communication with the central server end network service software

the functions and performance requirements of the software are as follows:

* the bottom communication produces nylon parts faster than similar metal parts. The protocol adopts tcp/ip to make full use of the sub resources of wireless Ethernet

* the application layer adopts internal proprietary communication protocol to reduce the use of communication resources and improve communication speed

* with data compression function

the message data to be transmitted must first undergo data compression processing to reduce network load and improve the utilization of communication bandwidth. Data compression adopts optimized compression algorithm to obtain higher compression ratio and faster compression speed

* with data inspection and processing function

to ensure the reliability of real-time data transmission, data inspection and processing shall be carried out for the transmitted message data. Add the code jc/t902 (2) 002 of silicone waterproof agent for building surface to the message data at the sending end, check the data and the verification code at the receiving end, and correct the error code. Data checking and processing can effectively solve the problems of serious interference and high bit error rate

* communication status detection and monitoring

in order to improve communication reliability, the remote communication service program should have the communication status detection and monitoring function to diagnose the communication status and link conditions in real time

* automatic link recovery processing

when the communication link is interrupted, the remote communication service program shall have the function of automatic link recovery and ensure that the message sent in case of link interruption will not be lost

* the code is compact and the operation efficiency is high, so as to reduce the resource occupation of the upper computer workstation

* it has high reliability so that the control function of the original system will not be affected after loading

server side network service software

server side network service software will run on the central server. It forms the c/s computing mode with the client network service software, and it is also a relatively expensive hub for the whole set of network communication

the key functions and performance requirements of the software include:

* the underlying communication protocol adopts tcp/ip

* automatic account management

when the system is started, it can automatically log in according to the preset account to complete user registration and password verification

* automatic channel detection

automatically detects the status of the communication channel and can form a report

* network management

the management function can realize the reasonable allocation of network resources during multi node communication, customer registration and cancellation management, customer status monitoring, network traffic statistics, abnormal event processing and recording, etc

isapi database engine software

realizes complex information retrieval through browser. Simple HTML cannot realize such functions as recording file information, query information submission, statistics, search program, web database, etc; Using traditional relational DBMS will involve almost insurmountable real-time problems: if the data volume of the whole plant is 10000 points (actually much higher than this number), if four samples are taken in one minute (which has sacrificed a lot of real-time), and a database record is formed, the number of records will be about 10 billion in one year. The real-time performance will be extremely low when so many records of the database are queried, counted and retrieved

developing ISAPI database engine in combination with ForceControl's real-time database can solve this problem. ISAPI database engine adopts ISAPI programming interface to realize web access through IIS. ISAPI makes up for the deficiency of CGI. On busy servers, ISAPI code efficiency can still maintain a very high level

isapi database engine will complete all functions such as recording file information, query information submission, statistics, search program, web database, etc. on the premise of ensuring high real-time performance. At the same time, it will maintain a high degree of concurrent processing capacity, so that there is no limit on the number of users accessing the web at the same time

4 operation effect

since the system was put into operation, it has the characteristics of stable operation, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. It has truly realized unified management and greatly improved the management efficiency and scientificity of the whole enterprise

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