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Nearly 30% of well-known brands' clothing, shoes and bags at home and abroad are unqualified. Yesterday, Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the recent quality sampling inspection of brand clothing and shoes and bags sold in some shopping malls. The results show that among the 100 batches of samples sampled, 26 batches are unqualified, and the unqualified brands include emporioarmani, hugoboss, Ecco, joypeace, ESPRIT, and golex

a total of 100 batches of samples were sampled from Hangzhou Xixi impression city, Zhongda Yintai City, Decathlon supermarket and outlets in Ningbo, Jiaxing and Taizhou. 74 batches passed the test, with a pass rate of 74%

the qualified rate of clothing is 80%

easy fading is a "common problem"

in this sampling inspection, 60 batches of clothing were sampled, of which 12 batches were unqualified. The unqualified brands include Armani, Hugo Boss, ESPRIT, x132, sinacova, etc. The unqualified reasons include the discrepancy between the marked fiber content and the actual measurement, and the unqualified color fastness to water and perspiration

for example, the "Yuankai clothing store" of Hangzhou Zhongda Yintai city sells short sleeved T-shirts with the nominal name of "alexanderkarl", which are classified by application or technology. The fiber content is marked as "cotton: 95%, spandex 5%", while the actual measurement is "viscose: 95.7%, spandex 4.3%"; Zhejiang (Haining) has greatly reduced the volume of the camera and reduced the weight of large equipment under the condition of constant strength and hardness... At the 18th high tech Fair held in Shenzhen last year, outlets Square Co., Ltd. sold jeans with the nominal "Hugo Boss" trademark, which were marked with "cotton: 70%, flax: 30%", while the actual measurement was "cotton: 55.8%, flax: 44.2%", exceeding the standard tolerance range, Determined as unqualified

the men's casual pants with the trademark "Esprit" sold by Wuchang Business Department of Hangzhou Xinchen Clothing Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou Xixi impression city do not meet the standard requirements in terms of color fastness to perspiration and water. It is reported that clothes with poor color fastness are easy to fade, and these fallen dyes may damage people's skin, and may also easily be contaminated with other light colored clothes, which will affect the health and beauty of consumers, thus making the axis less extended to luggage. The problem we are facing now is the global dominance of China's manufacturing industry and the regional view that many countries rely on one market to solve the problem of waste and recycling

19 batches of shoes and 3 batches of bags are unqualified

consumers can apply for returning and exchanging goods

of the 30 batches of shoes sampled this time, 19 batches are unqualified. The main unqualified reasons include poor bending performance of shoes, easy to crack during wearing, and insufficient wear resistance, which leads to easy breakage and degumming of shoe soles

among them, two women's shoes of Hangzhou Zhongda Yintai city were judged as unqualified due to poor bending. They include the women's shoes with the nominal name of "zhenmeishi" sold by the 13th branch of "Zhejiang taobo sporting goods Co., Ltd." and the "Aibu" brand women's shoes sold by Chuansi department store in Xiacheng District, Hangzhou

at the same time, the "zhenmeishi" Blue Purple Suede women's leather shoes sold by Ningbo outlets shopping mall (Ningbo Shanjing Business Management Co., Ltd.) have unqualified upper and sole peel strength; The wear resistance of men's shoes with the nominal "shachi" trademark sold by Taizhou Huangyan outlets Shopping Center Co., Ltd. is unqualified

among the bag commodities sampled, the bags of three brands, namely, katespade, Jacques Shidan and Moco, were found to be unqualified after inspection. The reason for the unqualified bags was the unqualified oscillation impact performance. This index mainly reflects the overall durability of the product under load and impact. For example, the women's backpack with the nominal "Kaisi" trademark sold by Ningbo outlets mall [Shanjing business management (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.], the oscillation impact performance standard of the double handle requires that the bag body is free of cracking after 400 tests, and the measured 63 times the back belt and the bag body are torn off

it is learned that, at present, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce has checked the unqualified commodities in this sampling inspection. According to relevant regulations, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce has ordered to stop the sale of commodities of the same specification and model found in the list of unqualified products and notified according to law, and is responsible for filing a case for investigation and punishment according to the seriousness of the case

the relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce told that if consumers buy clothes consistent with the list, they can ask the distribution unit to return them, or call 12315 to complain. The industry and Commerce will urge the sellers to return and exchange goods for consumers. In addition, consumers can log in to the portal of the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce to query the list of unqualified products in this sampling inspection

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