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Nearly 30% of beer bottle hidden dangers the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine recently organized real manufacturers to carry out national supervision and spot check on the quality of new beer bottle products produced by beer bottle manufacturers. 62 products produced by 62 enterprises in 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions including Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and Shanxi were spot checked, 45 of which were qualified, and the qualified rate of product sampling was 72.6%. The spot check results show that the large and medium-sized enterprises with high market share have better product quality, advanced production technology and strict quality management, while some small-sized enterprises have more product quality problems

this spot check is conducted according to GB beer bottle and other national standards, mainly including physical and chemical indicators and marking indicators. The most widely used physical and chemical indexes of glass fiber are internal stress, impact resistance, internal pressure resistance and vertical axis deviation. The marking index is mainly to prevent non beer special bottles that are not pressure resistant from being used to fill beer. According to the national standard, the special mark B for beer bottle and the mark of the manufacturer shall be marked within 20mm above the bottle bottom, and the year and quarter of production. After inspection, some products mean that the internal stress, impact resistance and internal pressure resistance in the water wave texturing index are unqualified, and all the index items are qualified

in the spot check, the following quality problems were found in the beer bottle:

second, the impact resistance index did not meet the requirements of the national standard. In this spot check, 17 kinds of products are resistant to 5 Technical specification for welding of building steel structure JGJ 81 ⑵ 002 impact index is unqualified. Impact resistance is the ability of the bottle to withstand external force. It is an important physical performance index of beer bottles. The impact resistance value is low, and it is easy to cause explosion due to collision in the process of production, transportation and use

second, the internal pressure resistance index is unqualified. In this spot check, 4 products failed to meet the requirements of national standards in terms of internal pressure resistance. Internal pressure resistance is the ability of beer bottle to bear internal pressure, and it is an important physical performance index. The internal pressure resistance value of the bottle is low, and the bottle is easy to burst in the case of slight collision and large environmental temperature difference

list of some products with poor quality and their enterprises:

Henan Juli Glass Co., Ltd. rl

Minquan Xiaguang glass products Co., Ltd. xg

Duyun Yongshun glass products Co., Ltd. ys

Shangqiu Futai glass products Co., Ltd. sb

Hubei Hanchuan Hongda Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd. ks

source: China Quality News

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