NBSK, the hottest Finnish index complier, saw a sl

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The price of NBSK, a Finnish index compilation agency, fell slightly

the benchmark price of the North bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) Finnish index Foex fell slightly for the second consecutive week, to US $469.12 per ton, down US $0.62, but most quotations were about US $470 per ton

pix index

price per ton

december 18, 2001 2 the test results can be kept by oneself December 11, 2001


North bleached cork kraft pulp (USD) 469.12 469.74

bleached hardwood kraft pulp (Euro) 474.44 473.73

bleached hardwood kraft can also be used in trunk Body sizing (USD) 423.53 423.81


paper (Euro) 613.05 612.14

light weight coated paper (Euro) 811.35 810.52

cloth coated Doric paper (roll, Euro) 844.67 841.24

a4b copy paper (Euro) 970.12 966.81

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