Natural rubber prices in Asia are hard to recover

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Before the end of the year when natural disasters are raging, the price of natural rubber in Asia needs a new business model, which is difficult to fall back.

traders said on September 27 that hoarding inventory and buying boosted the price of natural rubber in Indonesia, and rubber farmers rushed to deliver goods before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan next week "Buyers are hoarding stocks. They are worried about tight supplies during Ramadan, Eid al Fitr and Christmas." During Ramadan, rubber farmers and rubber factories usually slow down construction During the Eid al Fitr ceremony, which marks the end of Ramadan, most of them will be shut down The FOB price of Indonesian tire grade 20 standard rubber (sir20) shipped in October increased by 1.3% to US $1.56 per kilogram compared with a week ago, and the November shipment was US $1.57 per kilogram

typhoon Davy caused great impact. Experts have warned that typhoon Damrey sweeping across China's Hainan Island may bring major disasters to rice and rubber crops with the same nominal driving force, which will support the price of Indonesian natural rubber Davy crossed the coast of Hainan, the strongest storm on the island in decades, forcing more than 210000 people to evacuate and killing six people A Singapore trader said: "now we are following the weather. Hurricanes, rainstorms in Thailand, and typhoons. The market will rise sharply, but tends to correct. It depends on the damage of Davy." Some traders said that the price of natural rubber is expected to keep rising before the end of the year. As neighboring Thailand is still short of supply, the soaring oil prices of degradable materials and new biosynthetic materials have gradually pushed up the processing cost and selling price of synthetic rubber A Jakarta trader was very optimistic about this. He said that Thailand's production slowed down and prices soared. The team of A. A. C. polymers continued to carry out experiments at the cheapest price in the region, and finally achieved sales of thermal conductivity composites that exceeded expectations

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