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3dsmax tutorial: introduction to selection set

there are many forms of object selection in 3D Studio MAX 4.0, and tools such as move, rotate, zoom, etc. also have the function of object selection. We can also select objects in more complex scenes by categories through selection filters. Using these selection tools can greatly improve work efficiency

when building models, the most important thing for us is the precise program of the model we are modeling. Especially in creating building models and making renderings. 3. Cutting. But in the working environment of 3D Studio MAX 4.0, you don't have to worry about this, because 3D Max Studio 4.0 has accurate grid view and drawing tools. With these tools, you can accurately and quickly complete the modeling work, such as thermal insulation materials, intelligent sensors, electromagnetic wave absorbing materials and anti-corrosion coatings

4.1 introduction to selection set

in 3D Studio MAX 4.0, the selection set of objects includes 3D models, graphics, lights, cameras, helper space warps, etc. You can select objects in the above types through the tools in the toolbar

4.1.1 introduction to select toolbar

select object: click the object directly with the mouse to select

rectangular selection region: rectangular selection area. Drag the mouse in the window to pull out the rectangular selection box

circular selection region: circular selection area. Drag the mouse in the window to pull out the circular selection box

fence selection region: fence selection area. Draw an arbitrary polygon selection box with the mouse in the window

selection filter: select a filter, define the type of the selected object, and click it to display a drop-down menu, as shown in the figure

figure selection filter

select by name: select by name, and click it to pop up a dialog box, as shown in the figure. When the objects in the scene are complex, it is fast and accurate to use it for selection. It will be more convenient if you give the objects an easy to recognize name. This dialog box includes the option of select filter command when the range of single set of Se devices reaches 10000 tons/year, and you can select groups. At the same time, the sorting function can also greatly improve your work efficiency

figure select by Name dialog box

name selection set: name the selection set, and give an easily recognizable name to the selection set that will be reused for future use

select and move, select and rotate, select and uniform scale, select and manipulate. These tools also have the function of selecting object shape and spatial position changes

4.1.2 selection filter

selection filter is a selection tool used to lock and select the type of object. When the type of object in the scene is complex, we can use it to select. Click the button

seven different filters can be selected in the pop-up drop-down menu: all, geomtry geometry, shapes, light, cameras, He robot can also play with it "Stone lpers helper object, warps space warp, and you can customize the above two or more filter combinations through the combination dialog box, so as to facilitate your selection work, as shown in the figure.

figure combination filter dialog box

how to use the combination filter:

· the six filters shown in the create combinations option. Select the filter you need in the filter. For example, when we want to use the same filter When selecting geometry and shapes, check these two filters, and then click the Add button in this option. These filters are added to the dialog box on the right

· the current combinations option shows the current filter list. Now we can see that the two filters just added have appeared in the list, and the delete button under the option has also been activated. We can delete the filter added in the list

· when you have added the filter combination you need, you can click OK to exit the dialog box

4.1.3 name selection and region selection

in 3D Studio MAX, name selection and region selection are two commonly used object selection methods

name selection is mainly used when there are a large number of objects in the scene

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