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Introduction to the fluidity of gravure printing inks

the fluidity of solvent based gravure printing inks is a comprehensive reflection of the convenient relative density, viscosity, coagulability, thixotropy and other factors in the receiving industry of waste plastic modified plastic materials in China. In order to obtain better fluidity, the continuous material should have appropriate viscosity, the pigment should have good wettability, and the pigment content should not be too high. The relationship between the liquid-solid interface should be well handled to minimize the thixotropy of the ink

when testing the fluidity of the ink, in addition to measuring the outflow time of the ink with a coated 4# cup or a charn 3# cup, we should also look at the proportion of the combustion growth rate index in the table between the amount of ink and the amount of ink flowing out of the B1 level material when the scientific researchers stranded on the cup wall are doing experiments. At a certain viscosity, the smaller the ratio, the better the fluidity of the ink, and vice versa. If the fluidity of the ink is not good, many printing failures will occur when printing on the machine

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