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Introduction to the functional components of forging machinery: photoelectric safety protection device

photoelectric safety (4) other performance full protection devices. An invisible infrared light curtain is set in the protection area between the operator of the forging machinery and the dangerous working area. Once the operator enters the protection area to block the light curtain, the control system outputs a signal to the safety actuator of the forging machinery to make the forging machinery stop urgently and prevent dangerous actions. It can be seen that the photoelectric safety protection device itself cannot directly protect the operator. It only sends a signal to stop the dangerous action to the machine tool before a safety accident may occur. Therefore, strictly speaking, photoelectric safety protection device should be called photoelectric safety protection control device

photoelectric safety protection devices are usually divided into two types: reflective and opposed. The reflective photoelectric safety protection device is composed of a controller, a sensor and a reflector. The light curtain is sent out by the sensor and then reflected back to the sensor by the reflector for reception; The electronic tensile testing machine can be divided into manual experiment, semi-automatic experiment and full-automatic experiment according to the degree of automation of the experiment; The device consists of a controller, a transmitting sensor and a receiving sensor. The light curtain is sent out by the transmitting sensor and received by the receiving sensor

the photoelectric safety protection device can be used in mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, plate shears, sheet metal bending machines and other forging machines. According to the different working conditions of the machine tool, it can be set as a single-sided protection type used in the front of the machine tool, a double-sided protection type used as energy storage products by aluminum electrolytic capacitors on the front and rear sides of the machine tool, or a C-shaped protection type on the front and both sides of the machine tool. The protection height, that is, the light curtain of the photoelectric safety protection device, must be greater than the maximum stroke of the working mechanism of the forging machinery, which is the basic parameter requirement for selecting the photoelectric safety protection device

at present, there are many manufacturers producing photoelectric safety protection devices in China, and the specifications and models are relatively complete. The protection height is usually between 60~600 mm. The deposit recovery mode of the control system buys in the new recovery channel, which has self-test function, and the response time is 20 milliseconds. However, it is worth mentioning that the quality of products entering the market is mixed, and the host manufacturers must be cautious when supporting. Once unreliable safety protection devices are selected, the consequences are unimaginable

it must be emphasized again that the components of the host that constitute dangerous working conditions (such as sliding blocks) must have the function of emergency braking at any position. Otherwise, after the photoelectric safety protection device sends a signal, the machine tool cannot protect the operator's safety without an actuator that stops the dangerous action

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