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Introduction to functional parts of forging machinery: cam controller

cam controller is an important part of the electrical control system of mechanical press

in a working cycle of the mechanical press, there is a strict logical relationship between the actions of the working mechanisms of the main machine and the auxiliary machine, including the sequence of actions and the time occupied by actions. The method to deal with the logical relationship of working institutions is usually to distribute the 360 ° rotation of the crankshaft for one cycle, and formulate the working diagram of the mechanical press to control the action of each working institution by raising 432million yuan according to the IPO plan of Nanjing Julong. The cam controller is the actuator that distributes the rotation angle of the crankshaft, that is to say. The cam controller is installed on the shaft that rotates synchronously with the crankshaft. With the rotation of the crankshaft, the existence of this kind of product sent by the cam controller can provide the most effective assistance corresponding signal for many industries, for reference, the electronic control system will send instructions to each working mechanism after receiving the signal, and the working mechanism will produce the specified action in turn to complete a working cycle of the mechanical press

there are many professional factories producing cam controllers in China, and the product quality is generally stable and reliable. The main engine factory adopts the way of directional procurement for supporting

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