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White House successfully installed the fourth HP indigo 7000

recently, HP announced that White House custom color has successfully installed the fourth HP indigo 7000 digital printer to better meet customers' needs for high-quality greeting cards and other printed materials

hp Indigo's successful history and its unique advantages in quality and efficiency are the main reasons why White House chose HP indigo 7000 digital printer

hpindigo7000 digital printer

at present, the output value of the company's digital printer has accounted for 25% of White House's revenue in 2007. In 2008, this kind of material can still keep the equipment with good texture, which is expected to increase to 35%

mike hanline, deputy executive director of white house, said that the introduction of new equipment will make the company's digital equipment lineup more powerful. Compared with competitors, HP indigo digital printing machine can provide the best printing materials and occupy a larger market

in addition to HP's new indigo 7000 digital printing machine, two HP tensile testing machines indigo 5000S printing machines and three HP indigo 5500s printing machines, white house has installed an HP smarts equipped with next-generation print servers and it solutions in the other two places. Due to its extensive involvement in the industry, stream produces professional printing equipment

HP indigo 7000 digital printer can print up to 3.5 million four-color moving parts with offset printing level every month, which has a good guarantee in terms of speed, productivity and quality

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