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The U.S. plastic wood composite market will reach 2billion dollars

according to the Research Report of the American Freedonia group consulting company, the total market value of the U.S. polymer wood powder composite will reach 2billion dollars by 2006, and the demand will increase by 13% every year, including planks, windows The rapid growth of the application market of doors and fences has hit our province, "said Zhang Wei, deputy general manager of Jiangsu meiside Chemical Co., Ltd., creating a strong province in the new material industry with domestic advanced level and global influence

the report points out that the market of plastic wood planking in the country will increase from 410million US dollars in 2001 to 900million US dollars in 2006; The plastic wood fence market increased from US $163million in 2001 to US $315million in 2006; The market for plastic wood doors and windows increased from US $65million in 2001 to US $135million in 2006

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