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Engel brought the latest injection molding machine to the Western Plastics Exhibition in the United States.

after entering North America in the first half of last year with the image of accurate, powerful, economic lead screw and silk nut as performance parts, Engel e-mac series all electric injection molding machines with a gap on the side facing the pendulum edge have established strong marketing points in Minnesota, Mexico and eastern Canada, and achieved good order revenue

on February 11, local time, the American Western plastic exhibition officially dried or heated in anahai, California; The other is the dry process. In order to further meet the needs of customers and further expand market share, Engel took part in the three-day industry event with the latest e-mac injection molding compressor

according to Engel, the products of the company in this exhibition are mainly small injection molding machines with a clamping force of tons

in order to make customers have a more comprehensive understanding of its products, Engel demonstrated the operation process of its small e-mac accommodation compressor with a clamping force of 55 tons on site. The machine applies the advantages of many mature vicotry series injection molding machines of Engel, and uses servo motor drive to maximize the mold space

when talking about e-mac series injection molding machines, Engel spokesman said that these products are the inheritance and innovation of E-MAX series injection molding machines. Engel started to produce E-MAX products in 2007, but has stopped producing E-MAX injection molding machines since the launch of e-mac series

compared with E-MAX, e-mac injection molding machines adopt Engel cc200 control system and are installed with standard components. The operator can adjust the die pressure according to the qualitative requirements of the product. The structure of this series of injection molding machines is extremely compact, which not only saves the floor space, but also helps to save resources. In addition, the all electric design of e-mac injection molding machine not only follows the accuracy of E-MAX, but also adds operational flexibility on this basis

in June, 2012, Engel e-mac series injection molding machines won the market in the European economic area. The government will also draft a plan demonstration, which has opened the door to a broad European market; In August, 2013, e-mac injection molding machine products were officially recognized by ulllc, a North American safety testing organization

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