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SIXNET invites you to participate in the exchange of industrial Ethernet technology and the latest application cases, Experience the essence of successful cases of SIXNET automation

this SIXNET technology exchange meeting was held at the same time as the 17th Multi Country Instrument Exhibition. The purpose is to be closer to the actual needs of customers. At present, the development status of the domestic plastic double report: fully open user report machinery industry is to provide more perfect support and services with low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties. Mr. Steve Schoenberg, President of SIXNET, will attend this meeting to comprehensively introduce the history, development strategy, products and the latest automatic control technology of SIXNET, and hold the latest product release of SIXNET. At the same time, we will invite experts and scholars in the automation industry, typical user representatives, design institutes, system integrators and relevant media to participate in the event. While we display the latest products and technologies, you will have the opportunity to communicate with the industry elite

sixnet's booth number at the 17th multinational Instrument Exhibition: 8b-027

time of exchange: 9:30 – 12:00 a.m. on September 14, 2006

place of exchange: comprehensive service building (conference room 208) of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing

main topics of the meeting:

sixnet company's product and technology development process

sixnet product standardization Openness

sixnet Industrial Ethernet technology

sixnet embedded Linux technology

sixnet latest product release

sixnet latest application cases

after we sincerely purchased a zigzag experimental machine, we invite you (or your colleagues) to come and guide us and share the grand event with us

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