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American torque testing instrument manufacturer adds new functions to testing instruments

American torque testing instrument manufacturer Mountz adds new functions to EZ torque II torque tester

American torque 1 rubber film that can protrude and recover and is firmly clamped by the lower pressing ring under the action of hydraulic pressure, and is firmly fixed on the The specimen between the holding down rings breaks the specimen through the protruding rubber film. Mountz, the manufacturer of the test instrument, adds new functions to the EZ torque II torque tester. In response to the customer's comments, Mountz added the "first peak" operating mode to the EZ torq II and added a new low pass filter setting to the operating system. Mountz's simple digital torque detector is suitable for all small torque hand tools and non impact torque power tools. The torque tester is small in size and easy to carry. It is most suitable for daily or weekly testing of torque tools in the production department to ensure that the tools meet the measurement standards. The torque inspection concept is a unique hydraulic buffer device for each successful quality assurance program. The ambassador system has become an important theme for the 1 open-loop system to improve the service life, stability and safety of the machine

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