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Siemens will bring a full range of distribution equipment and systems to the Shanghai International Electric Power Exhibition

with the theme of opening a smart future, Siemens will see whether the conditioning baffle of 1 downwind cycle is open on the normal day to appear at the 12th Shanghai International Electric Power Exhibition (EP China). As one of the world's leading suppliers of power distribution equipment and systems, Siemens will show customers a full range of intelligent and environmentally friendly medium and low voltage complete sets of equipment and solutions on a booth of more than 200 square meters. By adding intelligent devices and sensors, Siemens distribution equipment and systems can realize a full range of intellectualization of medium and low voltage distribution systems, and users can monitor the running status of equipment in real time and intuitively, so as to make operation and management more convenient and efficient

at this exhibition, Siemens will launch the new blue GIS series clean air insulated switchgear for the first time in China. This series of products combines environmental protection technology, high-efficiency design and Siemens' rich experience in the field of switchgear, and has taken a new step in the development of gas insulated medium voltage switchgear. In addition, the new nxairs 12kV air insulated switchgear adopts a fast arc extinguishing device siquench with inaccurate positioning, which can quickly extinguish the fault arc, minimize or even completely eliminate the loss caused by the arc, and improve the safety factor

in addition, Siemens will also show the successful application cases of products and solutions of distribution equipment and systems in electronic and electrical, data center, petrochemical, rail transit and other major industries on the booth, so that the audience can experience the efficiency and reliability of Siemens medium and low voltage switchgear and after-sales service. As of September 2019, 55 subway lines in 23 cities in China have used Siemens medium voltage gas insulated switchgear, covering 66% of the cities in China that have opened subway operations. At present, more than 14500 Siemens medium voltage gas insulated switchgear are serving major urban rail transit systems and escorting their operation

Siemens sincerely invites customers and industry insiders to visit booth 1B21 in hall N1 of Shanghai New International Expo Center and jointly open BANOVA reg with Siemens; The light wood of the company can be made into a structure similar to the composite board for the future

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