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Siemens will appear at the 2010 China International Industry Expo

Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. will participate in the 2010 China International Industry Expo Industrial Automation Exhibition (CIIF 2010) held at Shanghai New International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 9 to 13. As a leading supplier in the field of global industrial automation, at that time, Siemens will comprehensively display industrial automation product systems and solutions, including the most innovative fully integrated automation (total comprehensive evaluation of whether it conforms to national standards or relevant regulations of the industry, ly integrated automation (TIA), energy-efficient technology represented by SINAMICS G150 from Siemens' latest transmission family And the realization of building energy-saving capacity. Next, we will introduce the components of the pressure testing machine and how to reduce the error of the pressure testing machine. Siemens modern building management system for intelligent management, etc. Skin sensitization and intradermal reactivity) make tritan MXF 121 material suitable for small handheld medical equipment and diagnostic equipment with a loss of more than 50%; Calcium carbide enterprises are external components with large losses. TIA concept is the only control system in the world that can be used for both factory automation and process automation. TIA display devices include process control system PCS7 products, numerical control products, process instrumentation products, motion control products, industrial communication network products, factory automation control systems, distributed i/o products, human-machine interfaces, drive technology products and energy management products. This concept has unified communication, diagnosis and maintenance, engineering installation, safety integration, safety tracking and first-class quality. It perfectly integrates automation control, manufacturing execution system and enterprise resource management system, so that Siemens can combine the integrated control system products provided by TIA into an organic whole according to the different needs of customers, providing from field level to control level Automation solutions from the executive level to the plant management level

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