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Siemens' wholly-owned acquisition of Tianou aims to make a new world in autonomous driving

on August 30, German time, Siemens and Stephen greydanus, manager of T "Hexion automobile utilization development and technical support, said ass international that XIMENZI will acquire 100% of Tianou automobile. According to official news, the acquisition is expected to be completed in September this year, and the two sides agreed not to disclose the specific amount of the acquisition. After the acquisition, Tianou automobile will become a member of PLM (Siemens product lifecycle management) software department under Siemens' digital factory business unit. The two sides will integrate in solutions and sales, but Tianou will still retain the independence of products and business, and the strategic direction will not change

automotive business is one of Siemens' core businesses, and Siemens has always made a layout in industrial automation, energy, powertrain, development tools, etc. Tianou automobile has three business lines of simulation software, engineering and testing services, and has been focusing on the fields of ADAS, autonomous driving, active passive integrated safety and tire dynamics simulation. Siemens acquired Tianou in order to complement its product capabilities in autonomous driving solutions, especially automotive related engineering and testing services, which Siemens lacked before

for Tianou, after being acquired, Siemens' accumulation in automotive development and management tools can be used to improve software products and solutions. According to the official introduction, in the future, Tianou software product portfolio will be integrated into Siemens simcenter product portfolio. Simcenter includes simulation products and EDA electronic design automation solutions obtained by Siemens through its recent acquisition of mentor graphics

Huang Hanzhi, executive director of tian'ou automotive engineering software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., explained to Che Yunzhu that taking tian'ou simulation software presacn as an example, prescan provides virtual simulation technology, which can simulate real traffic scenes to provide testing and verification functions of ADAS and automatic driving. In the use of prescan, the parts involving vehicle control need to load vehicle dynamics models. Although the total number of these components is considerable, Tianou itself has its own products in dynamics model simulation, this is not Tianou's traditional strength, so it may choose to cooperate with other simulation product manufacturers before. Siemens PLM Department has its own vehicle dynamics performance simulation tool LMS. In the future, if dynamics simulation is to be loaded in prescan, LMS can be introduced to provide an overall solution

for another example, mentor graphics acquired by Siemens also has its own products in chip and other aspects. In simulation and testing, it will also enhance the competitiveness of Tianou solutions. Siemens and Tianou also hope that through product integration, they can export more competitive automatic driving and ADAS test and verification products to cope with the fierce competition of automatic driving in the future

with the automotive industry gradually taking active safety and advanced driving assistance systems as standard configurations, the smart car has become an irreversible trend, and the demand for virtual simulation, physical testing and verification methods is becoming stronger and stronger. However, the specific strategy of Tianou automobile has not been announced. Taking simulation test as an example, combined with incremental technology and traditional manufacturing technology, simulation test will become the test method with the highest end hole time ratio in the future autonomous driving test. One of the cores is the establishment of the test scene library, not only the simulation test manufacturers, but also some demonstration areas and research institutions have begun to layout on the establishment of the scene library. In this case, if you choose a partner with the right route, you will naturally get an attack bonus

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