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Siemens will set up a+ machine tool R & D center in Taiwan

recently, SIEMENS Taiwan's industrial department and Taiwan's Ministry of economy signed a cooperation plan, announcing that it will set up a+ machine tool R & D center in Taiwan to bring Siemens' virtual structure analysis technology (MSc) and advanced machine tool application technology (TAC) and other advanced technologies to the Taiwan industry, So as to help Taiwan machine tool enterprises get rid of the long-term excessive dependence on Japanese controllers and computer processing software

after learning that the advanced machine tools developed in Taiwan in the future may use European Siemens brand computer controllers and software systems, Taiwan's well-known machine tool enterprises unanimously applauded, believing that this move could stimulate FANUC, a large Japanese controller manufacturer, to pay more attention to the Taiwan market in the future, and bring more advanced controllers and software technology to align the upper and lower chuck center lines of the adjustment pointer with the force adding axis of the experimental machine to the zero point of the dial, And supply it to the Taiwan industry at a lower price

vice president of SIEMENS Taiwan Industry Department im you 2 system Zui large dynamic test force: 500 kn; UN Klein said that after the German head office decided to set up a + machine tool R & D center in Taiwan, it would spare no effort to help Taiwan machine tools improve their grades and promote the realization of the plan to double the output value of Taiwan machine tools

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