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Siemens visited Beijing Railway Institute for the first time and worked together to achieve good results

Ximen avoided increasing its pressure value; One month after the successful delivery of the sub gear motor, Xiangbin, the business director of the northern region of the gear business, and benjaminschloder, the business manager of Siemens' standard drive department, paid their first visit to Beijing Railway Institute to summarize the results of this cooperation and talk about the prospects of future cooperation

the top management of Beijing Railway Institute attached great importance to this meeting. Chairman Li Yinghao, general manager Li Sha, deputy general manager Hu Zimeng, and relevant technical managers attended. After the two sides exchanged greetings, Mr. Li Yinghao, chairman of Beijing Railway Institute, spoke highly of Siemens' products and hoped to have more extensive cooperation with Siemens. Mr. Schroeder, the North Business Manager of the standard transmission department, introduced the situation of the standard transmission department. Siemens attaches great importance to this cooperation. Beijing Railway Institute can use the Siemens brand, and the real-time display door products of the Western pressure curve display data collection software can be successfully applied to the first EMU maintenance equipment in the country and even the world. It is a win-win result for both sides, and XIMENZI is looking forward to further cooperation. Mr. Xiangbin, the business director of the northern region of gear business, introduced the situation of Siemens' gear business and invited the leaders of Beijing Railway Institute to visit Siemens Building

After the meeting, Mr. Hu Zimeng, deputy general manager of plastic granulation mechanism, introduced the operation principle of the equipment and the assembly of Siemens products at the Beijing EMU Depot, and visited the EMU maintenance line under construction. This visit consolidated the achievements of the cooperation between the standard transmission department and Beijing Railway on gear products, and laid a good foundation for the next cooperation in standard transmission light vehicles, electric vehicles, and even frequency converters and motor products of the unmanned vehicle department

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